_0011_semi-permanentsThese traditionally last up to eight washes, although some remain in the hair for as many as 15. Semi-permanent colours contain no ammonia or peroxide and cannot lighten your hair. They fade gradually, with no visible root regrowth.


_0009_permanentsAlso know as demi-permanents, these use a small amount of peroxide but no ammonia to give a longer lasting effect (around 21 washes). They will not lighten your hair and there is no obvious root regrowth, as the colour fades gradually.


_0010_tone-on-toneThese colours, also known as tints, are mixed with different amounts of hydrogen peroxide. They colour your hair permanently and can lighten your natural tone by up to three levels, so you will see root regrowth.

Highlights and lowlights

_0008_high-lowlightsA highlight is a streak of colour lighter than your natural shade, while a lowlight is darker or richer than your own hair. Highlights are great for natural looking colour and , despite what people think, don’t have to be blonde.


_0007_weavesA great alternative to highlights if you want to colour sections of your hair. A hairdresser weaves out some of the hair to colour and leaves the rest natural. The strength of the result depends on if you have fine or chunky weaves.

Halo lights

_0006_halo-lightsHighlights, but not in the traditional sense. The term refers to the placement of the highlights – usually in a T-shaped section on the top of the hair. This creates a flattering glow around the face and it’s a great way to ‘lift’ your style.

Full head

_0005_full-headOften called a block colour, this is where all the hair is coloured, with a permanent or semi-permanent. Stylists also refer to a full head of highlights, where colour is woven throughout, as opposed to a half head – applied to the top section only.

Lightener (bleach)

_0004_lightenerThis is used to achieve really blonde hair. It is mixed with peroxide in different strengths and can lighten your hair by four or five shades. You then have to tone the hair to get the desired colour, as lighteners don’t contain any colour.


_0003_dip-dyeingInspired by the art of dip-dyeing clothes, this is where just the very ends of your hair are coloured with either subtle or vibrant tones. For dramatic results, go for a contrasting colour like pillar-box red ends on dark brown hair.

Tonal blast

_0002_tonal-blastThis is a subtler version of dip-dyeing that works best on short to mid-length textured hair. The ends are coloured, and then a semi-permanent wash is applied over the top for extra brightness and a stronger tone of colour.

Hidden colour

_0001_hidden-colourSections of hair are taken from underneath and coloured, which makes office-to-party hair easy to achieve. Clip your locks up into a pony, or pin the top sections of your hair up to reveal the hidden drama in the under layers.